Ringing In The New Year

Happy New Year!

A funny, yet frustrating thing happened on January 1st this year that just goes to show that my personal mantra of “everything happens for a reason” is right on for my path in this world. Last Friday I woke up full of vim and vigor, and decided to write-up a massively overdue blog post. However, due to my whimsy-like spirit I wrote it directly into my website as a draft, instead of drafting it on my computer first, then copying it over, yadda, yadda. Anyway, while trying to link a photo I accidentally erased the whole post. To say I was peeved is an understatement. My angry twin Terry unloaded on my machine, but then the fury subsided, and relief swooped in. The funny part was that I don’t think I really wanted to share what I wrote. I was excited because I crafted a few savvy sentences, which I was bummed to lose, but the content was so 2015, and I am ready to move on to 2016. Remembering the past is romantic, but dwelling on it is pathetic, and that post was a dwell-dripping sandwich. Anyhow, it is lost in the ether, which is all for the best.

The largest lesson I learned last year, the one I have carried into 2016, is to relish the process of pursuing passions and striving for goals, but not fuss about the results. For example, I raced a triathlon in early December that I enjoyed every minute of prepping for and racing. That’s it. I didn’t put pressure on myself to hit specific splits, rather I held faith in my fitness that I would push myself as hard as I wanted to go and have fun.



Another example is my writing. It is an amazing feeling when I find out that people actually read what I write, both my blog or book, but it is the process of writing that I crave and enjoy most of all. Whether people read it, let alone like it or not is too overwhelming for me to wrap my head around. If so, awesome, if not, no worries, I will still keep writing and sharing because I am writer and that’s what we do.

Finally, one more fantastic happening of 2015 that deserves a nod, was that I went back to work full time as a VFX producer. Even better is that the hours I work are on a swing shift, so I still have time to swim, bike, and run before clocking in. Thankfully, having a more structured schedule is aiding my training tremendously, because each work out serves a specific purpose and I don’t take any of them for granted. As far as the job goes, I believe that producing is a perfect fit for me, because the essence of producing is time management, and taking care of people, which are two skills I have honed nicely over the years. Also, I like and respect the people I work with, and appreciate more than I imagined earning a consistent paycheck again. Especially since we are less than two years away from Hannah going off to college…Gulp.

As far as 2016 goes, I will continue peddling my book around the world, race a healthy amount of marathons and triathlons, and launch a podcast. Yes, you ready that right, my life-long dream of becoming the next Karen Sharp from Love Songs On The Coast, KOST 103.5 is inching closer and closer to becoming a reality! However, since my schedule is tighter than it has been in recent years, I plan to record my show within any nook and cranny of free I can find, then broadcast it during my favorite time of the week, after my long run. Which is why I am calling it, “After The Long Run.”


Naturally, anything I put my stamp on must be related to running somehow, but I will expand into other avenues as well. For instance, I want to discuss a huge part of my life that I have yet to share with the masses, being a vegetarian. Also, I’d like to delve into topics about parenting, politics, religion, and the closest to my heart, pop culture. We have loads of excitement ahead of us to celebrate in 2016, as it is both an election and Olympic year, plus we have a whole extra day to explore. I. Am. Pumped.

Currently, I am deep in the throes of figuring how to produce the show technically, and provide meaningful content, but I am up for the challenge. I am confident a viewing of Christian Slater’s early 90’s classic, Pump Up The Volume will put me on the right track to start a conversation that many will want to be a part of.


In fact, let’s start now! I would love to hear from you, so I am going to give a readable-prize out to the first five people who respond to the following question… What are 3 goals that you want to pursue in 2016?

Feel free to respond to me privately through my contact page, or list it publicly in the comments section below, or on Facebook, etc. I believe this will to be a memorable year for all of us.