Thoughts of a Nearly 37 Year Old

What are you willing to do? 

The last couple of months have been a bit shaky, and even though I do live in earthquake country that was a metaphorical reference. The truth is that my sweet hub and I were just a few fluttering maple leafs away from moving to Canada. No offense to all of you glorious Canadians out there, I’m talking to you Alanis, but this gargantuan red head lives, breathes, and bleeds Los Angeles.

The reason for our near move was the possibility of a spectacular career opportunity for Marion. In case any of you are unaware, most of the visual effects production for film has moved out of LA, in order to take advantage of the tax breaks the Canadians give to the studios. Now, I am a producer, so I am not going to whine about what is happening from a business standpoint, I get it, but I will weep and wail for hours as the wife of a sought after VFX Supervisor/Artist. Hence, why the last couple of months our house has transformed into a crackling eggshell dance floor. 

Moreover, during these first world trying times, I turned my energy toward what I could control, training to be a stronger athlete. However, while splashing about up and down the indoor pool at our neighborhood YMCA, the water bubbling all around me from the boiling stares of the over seventy-five crowd who loathe the disturbance I bring to their mid-morning water aerobics classes, talk about mean girls. Anyway, I realized that I was not going to grow to be the triathlete I strived to be doing the same routine over and over; I wanted a change, but needed help. Therefore, after my lackluster swim work out, I lit the Bat signal/emailed my “go-to” triathlon brain trust, and swimmer extraordinaire, Hillary Biscay. I asked for her help, and thankfully she obliged.

This gauntlet thrown level seriousness came about while in Lake Placid when I accepted that I am indeed a lifer ironman distance triathlete. However, I do not have “The BIG dance on the BIG Island” as my ultimate goal, or even winning my age group in one race, or many, I simply want to keep training, learning, racing, and investing time and energy in order to become the best athlete I can be. In essence, I want to do everything possible to reach my potential, and share about all of my adventures along the way.  What are we here for, right?

Next up, I will ride the roads of redemption at the Carpenteria Triathlon in two weeks, a long awaited return since my crash there five years ago. My goal, besides crushing it, is to not see the inside of an ambulance on race day. In the meantime, I will be training with more vim and vigor than ever because due to incredible career opportunities for both me and Marion here in LA, I get to stay in America!!