Week One: IMLP Training

This time feels different. It is similar to when I went back to work full time, I feel ready, confident, and more mature this time around after having time away to reflect and appreciate what I love so much, triathlon. I appreciate every work out more than before because I have other priorities in my life that require attention, too. For example, I now need to devote time to my job, writing, marketing my book, reading, family, all Bravo programming, etc. Whereas in past ironman training cycles, I only had training and family obligations on my plate; an important yet simple recipe that often sent me in a self-inflicted pressure-cooker tail spin. I was so focused on the outcome of each work out that I didn’t enjoy them and appreciate them at the time. If each one was not perfectly executed, my whole day was thrown off. Now, I am savor every one of them. Life is short, and my goal is to be present and mindful of special moments in everyday that make me smile. Plus, swimming, biking, and running is fun!

This first week of IMLP training went as smooth as I could have hoped. I have designed my weeks as follows:


Bike: 2.5 hours.

Run: 6-7 miles.


Bike: 90min. Hill repeats on road bike

Swim: 2,000 yards recovery


Bike: 40min. easy spin on trainer

Run: 10 miles - Tempo


Run: 4 miles -mellow

Swim: Long – 4,000 yards


Bike: 30min. easy spin on Trainer

Run: Long – 16 miles


Bike: 3 hour road bike fun ride


Swim: 2,500 yards.

Bike: 4.5 hours

Run: 2mi. Transition

I left out the specifics of each work out on purpose to create intrigue, but have faith that every work out has its purpose. Each one varies in distance and intensity, and will increase as the week’s progress toward the race in July. I did need to re-arrange a couple of work outs because of “life” stuff that came up, but with a little creativity I still fit every one of them in, and remained on target.

My overall plan is to keep close track of the stats, climate, mood, etc., in every work out and increase the intensity of each one week after week. The practice of writing this blog every week, plus keeping track of my assessments in my Believe Training log, will help tremendously down the road when I need to reflect on how a work out felt amazing one week and terrible the next; a scenario as definite as Dylan’s choice of Kelly over Brenda. I look forward to all of it.


Following are a couple of fun tidbits about Week One. For example, I can ride and run all day after swimming, but swimming after riding has the polar opposite effect. Luckily, I usually run into my friend/mentor, Judi, the swim coach at Pierce College, at the pool on Tuesdays. She is a phenomenal swimmer and admitted last week when I told her I was feeling like junk, “It’s okay, Taryn, it happens to all of us.” The knowing tone in her voice almost made me feel like I was a real swimmer. Thanks, Judi.

Next, I decided to run my long run on Saturday in my home town of Palos Verdes. I ran down a road that I haven’t ventured since the 80’s, good times. It was a lovely day filled with time travel, sweat, and sea salt air. I hope to make that a regular date this Summer and follow it up with the perfect recovery activity, body-surfing with my nephews.

Then came my heaviest training day all week, Sunday. As noted above, it was a long, fun day outside. A key factor to surviving such a big day for me is gobbling up a post-swim/pre-ride almond butter, chia, and jelly sandwich on sprouted bread. Yum.


All in all, in was a fun, meaningful start to another Ironman finish line.

One more thing, I want to recommend a fabulously written and eye-opening book I read last week, Pandora’s Lunchbox. The author, Melanie Warner, tells the tale of process foods in a way that flows nicely and is easy to digest. I will never look at soy the same.

Until next week, happy training and living my friends!