IMLP Prep Week Six: Race Week and Summer Book Tour Kick Off!

Greetings Everyone,


I need to jumpstart this week’s installment with an announcement that I will be selling my book in person at the OC Triathlon EXPO this Saturday, 6/4, from 11A – 5P. Also, at 1PM I will be speaking to the rousing crowd of endurance enthusiasts about goal setting, and sharing fun adventures from my book, 35 By 35: A Runner’s Quest. I will be racing the Olympic distance triathlon the following Sunday, so it should be a very fun weekend in Orange County. I wonder if I will run into Lauren or Kristen? Also, there is still time to register for the race if any of you are feeling a late in the week surge of motivation. Check out all of the details listed below:!orange-county-1/c1zsz

EXPO Location:

Lake Mission Viejo

22555 Olympiad Road
Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Now, this week of training was one for the record books. The reason being I accomplished 6x days of top-notch, hit the nail on the head training Monday through Saturday, all of completed within a slimmer time frame because of overtime at work, but then came a surprise on Sunday morning… I was an immovable slug. It was really quite an interesting sensation; it felt like a Sumo wrestler was sitting on my head, and bratty toddlers were tugging at my legs, in essence, I did not feel great. Luckily, because of the Memorial Day holiday I still had Monday free to go for all the marbles and complete my BIG day of training, 3,000yrd. Swim, 85 mile bike ride, and 2 mile run. Therefore, I embraced the fatigue instead of battling it, relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated Sunday, then woke up Monday ready to get after it!

Check out my snazzy new Smashfest Queen cycling kit. 

Check out my snazzy new Smashfest Queen cycling kit. 


The next few paragraphs is a lyrical description of what Sunday meant to me, AKA this week’s homework for my UCLA Extension writing class. Enjoy.


I love riding bikes.



Inching up a steep hill in the beating heat of late afternoon SoCal sunshine is the essence of glorious agony. Cresting the hill is just a bonus. The true glee is felt within my burning calves and quads that keeping shaking no matter how soothing my voice may sound while cooing assurances that this too shall pass. They love it, too. They have to; they’re a part of it.

There is a delicate symmetry and balance to riding a bicycle that is achieved through strength and precision. It is the ultimate choreography of suffering and triumph. Even though there is anguish lurking around every corner on every road, dirt or paved, the euphoria is too great and alluring to give up. Riders don’t ever give up. We suck it up. We know it will hurt, it’s always hurt, yet we still pump up our tires, lube our chains, and head out for more. We crave more. More miles, more pain, more sweat, more tears, more adventure.


I love riding bikes.

The view from the top of my ride. It is windy in my neck of the woods.

The view from the top of my ride. It is windy in my neck of the woods.




My hands are trembling as my fingers rapidly try to tie my shoelaces, dazed by five hours of cycling they sway from left to right unsure of their task, but with a swift crack of attention the knots are secure and I am off and running. My legs turnover in a quick cadence spurred on by the hours of pedaling that overwhelmed my morning and early afternoon; however the ride is over, it is time to run.

 I love to run.

There is a peace achieved concurrently with revved up adrenaline that provides a magnificent high. Today is extra special because it is another day that my fitness allowed me to enjoy the intense suffering and joy of triathlon. I swam in the morning, rode my bike all day, and have now earned my favorite part, the run into the evening. I only need to run two miles, just enough to shake out my legs from the eighty-five mile bike ride and adapt to the run, the long miles are saved for the race, not today. Still, I could run until midnight. I could run fast until midnight.

Suddenly, the inspiring runner’s anthem Chariots of Fire thunders through my ears and emotions flood my senses as tears begin to flow, yet another liquid oozing from my body, I reach Nirvana. It is not race day, just another long training day, but that doesn’t matter, it is magical. I am strong, fit, tolerant, and finally reaping the rewards of over 10,000 hours devoted to the pursuit of triathlon. I am lucky, I appreciate every second of this bliss knowing the suffering will come again; I can’t wait.

 I love to run.


Yep, Monday was an amazing day. The rest I slurped up on Sunday was transferred to mighty energy expended on Monday, and it was simply a beautiful day to spend outside.

One last thing…. I finished Christopher McDougall’s recent book, Natural Born Heroes, last week and highly recommend it for any of you interested in history and fantastic feats in human endurance.

Mr. McDougall wrote Born To Run, so he knows how to tell a story with rich language and fun facts strewn along the way to keep the reader engaged and excited to learn more about their own limits. Plus, he discusses the origins of parkour, need I say more?



Whew! That is all for now, but please think about dropping by my booth at the OC Triathlon on Saturday, I will be giving out Picky Bars with each purchase.:)

Happy Training!!